BIG TIP. Save lots of $$. Make your Home Loan double as your Savings Account

  1. Get your employer to put your pay straight into your Home Loan Offset account. That way you pay less home loan interest, which means you pay your loan off sooner.
  2. Got any money lying around in a savings account? Consider parking that money in your home loan offset account as well. You can always transfer it back to your other savings account if ever you need to.
  3. Use your credit card (and earn reward points) to make all your purchases during the 30 or 40 day interest free period. That means you can leave your pay in your home loan longer.
  4. Some home loans now allow you to BPAY or PAY ANYONE direct from your loan. So Bpay your credit card at the due date direct from the home loan.
  5. If you need cash, just redraw the required funds from your home loan

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