About Us

Over the last 15 years, countless hours have been spent visiting you in Wards, Tea Rooms, Aged Care Centres as well as your homes. Over that time, we have come to understand why Nurses choose their profession. We know the most enjoyable part of your job is helping people. That includes your co-workers as well as patients and their families. It is extremely encouraging for us to see such wonderful teamwork and dedication in your workplaces.

As with any job, we know Nursing has its challenges and rewards.

It’s terrific to see pay improvements for Nurses in recent times. (Even though there are still some unexplained pay differences between Nurses of the same skill level) We look forward to helping you and your union get even better  improvements in your pay and conditions.   We want pay and conditions for all Nurses to go from  “Great” to “Excellent”.
The numerous flowers and “thank you” notes that appear in Wards all around the Country speak volumes about the huge difference you make in people’s lives.

We hope to continue to make a difference in your lives too. We may not be able to give you an immediate pay increase, but we can support you by continuing to provide great home loans and property assistance!!